Monday, October 19, 2009

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holy experience

30. an evening spent crafting with good friends, especially when "crafting" is sitting, talking, knitting and eating homemade chocolate chip cookies

31. finally finding the right class and the right coach for Grom's gymnastics

32. fish tacos

33. fancy "origami" folded napkins to finish off Grom's first independently set table. It might not pass my Home Ec teacher's standards, but as long as we have utensils and water...

34. playing the same silly game over and over and over in the car with Grom, listening to him laugh and laughing myself.

35. digital cameras that catch the beautiful moments in a routine life

36. time spent with the boy building things with Superstructs. We take turns being the builder and the parts supplier. I love all the funny names we made up for the pieces so the other knows what to look for... keepons, doubledoubles and bluethingys. And that the storage can that for no good reason didn't come with a handle, fits perfectly in a TJ's shopping bag for portability.

37. a new crop of babies due at church

38. blue Beachcomber ice cream that makes boys happy and raises money for our PTA

39. cuddling on the couch and reading books with Grom

40. hot roasted corn with lemon and parmesan cheese at Farmers Market

41. my family's safety during the storm

42. rain... we need it so much

43. being without power... it was fun to have dinner by candlelight and to wander around the house with flashlights

44. power restored in time for a good nights sleep and a reason to talk with Grom about appreciating things we take for granted

45. a lovely group of women who I've been meeting with once a month for the past 17 years because we share a love for quilting... it's not about the quilting anymore, it's about friendship

46. strong, safe hugs from Surferman

47. a fast trip to a barber shop and a little boy who sat so still

48. going to the drive-in with my boyfriend for a wild, meatball filled double feature

49. icy cold water in a venti reused Starbucks cup

50. Grom's optimism and confidence in his lego creations... why wouldn't they want to put a picture of his house in Lego magazine?

51. Miss Sandra who is happy to wear a Grom scarf

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