Monday, October 05, 2009

gratitude community

I have been reading Ann Voskamp's blog, Holy Experience for quite a while. Her blog is beautiful and her prose is precious. She has a delightful way of expressing God's love and serving His word on her carefully crafted platters of words.  I have been intrigued by her collection of gratitude... her one thousand gifts (that now actually number 1190). I've decided to join in... to look for God's extraordinary blessings in my silly little life. Her banner will take you to more information. You'll also get to hear the nice music on her blog. I usually detest blog music, but have found myself going to Holy Experience just to listen.

holy experience

1. boy who comes home from an afternoon of fishing with his dad smelling like bait

2. delicious deli sandwich made to my order - turkey, smoked cheddar, pickles and lettuce

3. a basket full of clementines

4. watching the sunrise through newly trimmed Cypress Trees from my warm cozy bed

5. enjoying the rest of a delicious deli sandwich the next day

6. an eye doctor who remembers details of my life 2 years later

7. healthy eyes that still see rather well

8. an evening out with new friends for coffee, tea and other froo froo hot beverages

9. that our Lord is bigger than our worst fears

10. Stacey's unwavering faith

11. sweet cas whose life becomes a song that she bravely shares

12. the people who come out week after week to sell their veggies, bbq, promote their cause and provide something frugal, fun and yummy to do with my family

13. Surferman's and Grom's barbecue sauced faces

14. impromptu date with Surferman parked at the beach watching the waves in the moonlight and talking about our dreams

15. a Pastor who is heeding God's call to go... to plant a new work in London

16. another Pastor who has always wanted to go and is heeding God's call to stay... to continue God's work here and tend to the flock

17. our church family who took the news amazingly well

18. my brother-in-law who celebrated a birthday this week... I couldn't have picked a better man for my sister

19. hot fudge ice cream "cake" that my sister made for the celebration

20. another week to serve the Lord, my family and friends

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  1. you snitched a photo!

    my favorite part of that night was seeing miss robin :)