Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tales from the CSA box - July 21

I'm posting this a day late and without pictures because I was super sick yesterday. Don't know where it came from, but it hit me like a ton of bricks. I tried to "suck it up" this morning, but my body wasn't ready yet.

photo by dboy (Flickr)
Anyway this is about veggies...
Another nice box... cucumbers, zucchini, green beans(new), spring mix, romaine lettuce, parsley, cilantro, potatoes (new), kale, and raspberries.

There might have been something else, I was functioning at about 40% when I put them away.

I'm surprised we haven't seen any tomatoes yet.

It's also time to sign up for the Fall / Winter shares. I think we're going to go for it.


  1. Wow Robin you got some great looking vegetables.....

  2. tomatoes are coming... they are more of a mid to late august thing

    that picture of the vegetables is pretty provactive, though robin...

    i'm trying not to be stumbled

  3. o!

    i just noticed you didnt even take that pic of the veggies!

    o well.

    their loveliness and amazingness still affects me (is amazingness a word?)

    csa boxes ROCK.