Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Grom!

...prepare for mom gushings...

photo by Thomas Hawk (Flickr)

You're FOUR! I thank God for His grace. I thank God for giving you to us.

You are amazing.

Never afraid to try out a new word - your vocabulary is surprising and sometimes hilarious.

Determined to the point of stubbornness - you want to be in control. You like to know what's going to happen. You're confident that your way is always the best. (not)

Always wanting to learn, always asking questions. You'd rather learn something than just be entertained. You want to know how it's made.

You know you have enough. You appreciate what you have. Trucks and trains are a few of your favorite things. Momo still holds a place in your heart and your bed.

You are the best dog ever. "Maui" is so fun to have around. You save my life on regular basis and can always find the way out of a dark cave. It's great the way you fetch things. Sometimes it's hard to transition back to boy when you should.

If peanut butter is involved you're all over it. If it's a vegetable... well they are all over the floor. (But don't think I'm giving up)

Irish music lulls you to sleep every night and you love Bible songs in the car, but the only songs you ever sing as silly songs you make up.

You are my ultimate helper boy. I love cooking with you - being your Sous Chef. You demand and wield a sharp knife with growing skill. Whether it's cooking, washing cars, pulling weeds, doing laundry... the list goes on and on... and you go on and on.

You are getting so tall, so fast, so tough. But prayer is as good for owies as band aids.

I'm sure there is more, but you've worn me out today. Tomorrow promises more fun.

I love you Grom!

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