Monday, July 14, 2008

Daybook July 14, 2008

FOR TODAY... July 14, 2oo8
  • Outside My Window...My boy and his Grandpa are barbecuing (kosher reduced fat) hot dogs. The sun is shining. We are nearing the end of a beautiful day.
  • I am thinking... about where else I (We - I'd bring along Surferman and Grom) could live and what it would be like. Am I too comfortable here, Lord?
  • I am thankful for... everyone who came out to help with our church's VBS. Some people were a big surprise. Some were the usual suspects. I was blessed. I am thankful that Princess Beah is home and being a good baby for my sister.
  • From the kitchen... a week of simple post VBS meals.
  • I am wearing... black crocs, black capris and a beige t-shirt (which replaced my lemon yellow Power Lab tee that I wore all afternoon).
  • I am creating... 100 snacks a day that incorporate a Bible Story. Today it was thankful face cookies - turn that frown upside down and SMILE, SMILE, SMILE. Remember kids, if God heals you of leprosy (or whatever SIN you hate here) you should be THANKFUL! Anyone else think we should have VBS for adults too?
  • I am going... to get a napless boy to bed really early tonight, and try to get some stuff crossed off my to do list.
  • I am reading... same Christian Fluff as last week. It's a short story romance novel written by different writers. I got it cheap at CBD. They always suck me in with their, "you can buy $x more and pay the same shipping".
  • I am hoping... that Princess Maggie will be home soon. That grace, peace and joy would reign in my home. That family would chill out and get back to loving and encouraging one another.
  • I am hearing... wind chimes gently playing a melody and the sounds of car tires on PCH.
  • Around the house... clutter and piles, piles and clutter. I'm tackling it the same way you eat an elephant. One bite at a time.
  • One of my favorite things... screaming at the top of my lungs into my towel right after I dry my face fresh from the shower. I think of it as my pressure release valve. I don't know when I started doing it. I don't think about doing it, it just happens. The towel muffles so no one hears me (usually - besides they are used to it by now). I am not weird, don't even think it.
  • A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: VBS! VBS! VBS!
  • Here is picture thought I am sharing...Flowers Surferman brought me just because.

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  1. I'm really enjoying reading your daybook entries...they make me smile!

    ~ Renee