Friday, December 23, 2011

instafriday 12.23.11

It's C-Week!

wedge salad - the best "healthy" part of my mom's birthday dinner
bacon and bleu cheese is "healthy"... right?

beth's chocolate cake - the best part of my mom's birthday dinner

twins with a twin
we were both wearing red long sleeve tees and light blue jeans
bebe's jeans were cuter... she had red hearts on her knees
think i could pull off red heart patches on my knees?

my beautiful friend after our church's candlelight worship service 
it was a night packed with christmas songs and Jesus

cookie decorating at church
later the cookies were delivered to our local senior care center

girlies and grammy got in on the action

i didn't want to go
it's so stinkin' early in the morning
proof i was there

oh fudge!

making cookie plates for customers and neighbors

our christmas cards went in the mail today!

an amazing sunset
i love the colors in the sky and the dark silhouettes of the palm trees

two sleeps until christmas!

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