Friday, December 16, 2011

instafriday 12.16.11

last week was great

researching lunar eclipse on the ipad

proof we saw it

on monday i asked grom what he'd want for lunch if he could have anything

he chose japanese food

he's my boy

too cute - the crew at our TJ's each made a giant gingerbread man

the family part of family dinner

finishing the last of the halloween candy
(and he gave 2/3 away to start with)
i don't know whose kid he is

christmas countdown activity - peppermint popcorn
kinda like this

every wednesday i walk with my pastors and the other office gals to a local coffee shop
we pray for our fellowship and community
it's a sweet time

the cutest nativity project ever

flowers received in appreciation for being grom's class mom

the start of a beautiful sunset

the high schoolers who progressed to our home for soup and salad

like i said... last week was great

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