Sunday, December 04, 2005

Bringing Jesus in the House

After yesterday's quiet time I have been thinking of ways to physical bring Jesus and our faith into our home.

Some ideas I've had:

Scripture as decoration. My parents went to garage sales yesterday. They found a cute Mary Englebreit plaque with a verse from James.

Playing worship music and hymms.

Leave Bibles around the house for quick snacks on the Word. Just make sure you keep them dusted - HA!

Scripture as decor. A great friend painted our bathroom with vines and Bible verses. It's wonderful. A potential problem with scripture that stays put is that you can get used to it. Then it's just part of the wall.

So those are the obvious ones. Here are a couple that might be pushing the box.

Light candles as a visual reminder of the Holy Spirit.

Light incense to remind you to pray. Our prayers are like sweet incense rising up to our Father (see Psalm 141:2)

Do you have any others ways that you bring Jesus into your home?

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  1. I enjoyed this post. I am always thinking about if my guests sense God's presence in our home as well. I don't have any new ideas, but along the line of decorating with Scripture. We rent our little cottage, so I haven't taken to painting verses on the walls, which I think would look really cool. I do, however, copy verses onto cardstock and mount them on decorative papers and then attach them to my kitchen cabinets. It looks really cute, helps me to memorize and meditate and you wouldn't believe how our guests read them. I used cherry paper since my kitchen has a sort of cherry theme, and I change them out every so often. I also believe that guests can sense a peace and joy in a home where Jesus Christ is the center.