Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Sugar Free Challenge

The Nourishing Gourmet is hosting a sugar free challenge. Surferman is always saying that we eat too much sugar. By October 12th, he might be eating those words and wishing he had a little sugar to sweeten them.

Starting next week she will be blogging about going sugar free. I'm joining her. She says its a great time to give it a go. It's the start of cold and flu season and sugar can lower the immune system.

She has set up three levels of participation. I'm going for the beginner level for my family and push myself to moderate as able.

Beginner level: Take out all refined sugars including corn syrup and white sugar. Also remove all white flour from your diet, as it’s also very sugar forming.You will need to read labels carefully when buying prepackaged foods. Instead use natural, more unrefined sugars such as rapadura, coconut sugar, honey, stevia.

Moderate Level: Remove all natural sweeteners as well, and only use fruit to sweet foods. Consider removing other starchy foods that can also feed yeast, or make you crave sugar more.
Will you consider joining me? Or at least rooting me on?

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  1. Go Robin GO! Smuckers has some low sugar (no fake sugar) fruit preserves The apricot is wonderful not so sweet as the normal preserves. Strawberry is good too. Have fun !