Sunday, May 03, 2009

A Cat's Tale

The following post is written by Cleopatra Decker. She doesn't normally blog and she isn't particularly fond of email. She can usually be found in a sunny spot or whatever chair you'd like to sit on.

Meow. mwow mee mewo... fantastic... I found the command key to translate to English. That Mudther woman encouraged me to blog or twitter while my parents are away. I checked out Twitter and surprisingly and confusingly there were no birds there. I really like birds, they are tasty.

So I guess I'm going to try this blogging thing instead.

4.16.09 day 1 - who are these people in my house? where are my people? i'm glad they know where the food is. keep the food coming and no one will get hurt.

4.17.09 day 2- i just remembered that i was playing hide and seek with chelsey decker dog a couple of days ago. she must still be hiding...

4.18.09 day 3- i tried answering the phone today. it was a telemarketer. she didn't speak cat.

4.19.09 day 4 - it's hot! there are little things all over the floor. the little one makes funny noises when he's pushing them around. i always pick up my toys when i'm done playing...

4.20.09 day 5 - it's really hot! chelsey! where are you!

4.21.09 day 6- still hot! i don't think my people are coming back. it's time to start bringing these new people presents.

4.22.09 day 7- my sister gwenie always shows me up with the presents. they loved the dead mole she left in the bathroom.

4.23.09 day 8- i answered the phone again... they were looking for chelsey. where is that dog?

4.24.09 day 9- i never knew how much a gopher could pee. i've also never seen a gopher fly. don't worry mr gopher, i'll find you again. we'll have lots of fun playing hide and seek in the house.

4.25.09 day 10- gwenie is really scared of the little one. i don't think he's so bad. i wish i had pajamas like his.

4.26.09 day 11- ha! i got the big guy to give me an extra plate of food!

4.27.09 day 12- found an easy way to freak out these people... play with the bead curtains on the back door as they come in the garage... they think a robber is leaving the house. i sneak out our door before they get up the stairs.

4.28.09 day 13- aaahhh... fresh water....
it's good to be a cat.

4.29.09 day 14- hee heeeee... the little guy thought one of my toys was a dead animal... success...

4.30.09 day 15- yawn... she makes me purr when she rubbbbs my heaaaaad thaaaaat waaaaay she does.

5.1.09 day 16- gwenie says the bird had to die. it was taunting her. gwenie brought it inside and i painstakingly arranged the feathers all over the floor outside the shower. the little one really wanted to see the dead bird but his mommy scooped it up before he woke up. note to self... get another bird for the little guy

it's raining, it's pouring, gwenie is snoring... hee hee
speaking of snoring... where is that dog?

5.2.09 day 17- good food, good wine, we have it made... maybe the dog is gone for good?

5.3.09 day 18- they loved the dead mole so much, today i brought them one that is still alive. the alive ones are more fun to play with. she gave me some ice cream tonight. i wonder what kind of treat i get for a live bird?

5.4.09 day 19- mmm... salmon and shrimp...

5.5.09 day 20- yawn

5.6.09 day 21- it's fun to sleep downstairs. i figured out that the big guy will kick me off the bed three times and then he'll give up. he's sure is softer than he looks.

5.7.09 day 22- oops! gwenie accidently bit the head off a lizard. it was my idea to bring it to the boy. he was fascinated.

5.8.09 day 23- i'm beginning to think they aren't accidents. gwenie brought in another headless lizard. note to self... don't tick off gwenie.

5.9.09 day 24- yay! pizza! they forgot the anchovies... what are they thinking?

5.10.09 day 25- i wish my mother was here for mother's day. Mudther got a beautiful candle from the boy.

5.11.09 day 26- one last surprise! i found rudy (at least that's what he says his name is) outside and brought him in for the little one. rudy did a great job until... well i just can't talk about it. mudther says my people will be back today.

respectfully submitted,
cleopatra (call me cleo, but don't call me late to supper) decker


  1. I am amazed at your creativity! Thank you for the daily updates of Cleo the cat. Welcome home -- I look forward to hearing about your continued pursuit of...

    Deborah = )

  2. That was pretty funny. :)

  3. hah! Cleo, you are too funny!