Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Countdown Activities

I'm committing this year to follow through with our Jesse Tree.  I thought it would be a great addition to have a fun way to countdown the days until Christmas too.   I've seen a couple of versions of the idea around the web and am tweaking it for our family and my personality.

  1. TJs chocolate advent calendar
  2. build a sandman (we live at the beach)
  3. string a popcorn and cranberry garland
  4. make snowflakes to decorate the front door
  5. decorate a gingerbread house
  6. make fudge
  7. make cookies
  8. make holiday brownies
  9. make Christmas Tea
  10. take goodies to neighbors
  11. have a tea party with the girlies
  12. call Mimi
  13. call Grandma Kenlyn and Grandpa Bob
  14. make meal bags for the homeless to keep in the car
  15. decorate gingerbread men with a buddy
  16. watch "Hoops and YoYo ruin Christmas"
  17. watch "Nestor the Donkey"
  18. make Printable Nativity
  19. read a Christmas book
  20. read a Christmas book
  21. wear a star on your face all day
  22. say "la la la" everytime someone says "fa" all day
  23. hot chocolate under the stars
  24. Christmas lights decoration ride
Now... how to present it?

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