Monday, February 28, 2011

Daybook 2.28.11

FOR TODAY - Monday February 28, 2011

Outside my window... I see the white Christmas lights we use as year round outdoor lights. They remind me of parties.

I am thinking... about nutrition. I had a meeting at Grom's school tonight about nutrition and I'm still a bit worked up about it. They want to emphasis fresh fruits and vegetables. Great! But to tell my kid that he shouldn't bring something I packed in his lunch... ridiculous. PRETZELS? Some of it is real (she seriously called pretzels [11o cal/serving with 1 gm of fat and 180 mg salt] a sometimes and not at school food), and some of it is the kids misinterpreting what they are teaching. I'm teaching Grom, "Thanks for the input - I'll talk about it with my mom". sheesh.

I am thankful for... for other parents who are like-minded about spoke up about nutrition. Some more eloquently than me. If I hear, "I'm sorry you feel bad" one more time...

From the learning rooms... solar system and sight words.

From the kitchen... food. Mostly nutritious.

I am wearing... flip flops, grey/brown jeans, peachy pink tee, ponytail (I have to do something about my hair).

I am creating... I just finished a project for church - photo collages. Now I pray they print out well.

I am going... to pray with other moms from Grom's school tomorrow morning. We did it last week, soon it will be habit.

I am reading... "Why We Buy" by Paco Underhill (audiobook), "Radical" by David Platt and "Life from Scratch" by Melissa Ford.

I am hoping... Grom doesn't have any cavities.

Around the house... new pillows for the couches in our dining room. They are pretty.

One of my favorite things... doing sight words in the car with Grom. We have card sets. If he knows the word he reads it. If he doesn't know the word, he spells it. I say the word and then use it in a silly sentence. Then, he says the word, spells it and uses it in another silly sentence.

Vocabulary word of the week:

ebullient - overflowing with enthusiasm or excitement.
My friend Erika has an ebullient personality, she could get people to clean toilets with her and think it was fun.

A few plans for the rest of the week: go here, go there, go everywhere.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Grom's BuddE finally turned 6!

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