Sunday, January 02, 2011

Polar Bears

If it's New Years, it's time for our town's Polar Bear dip.
It draws quite a crowd.
Our family took the plunge... well... most of our family...
SOMEONE had to take the pictures.
I volunteered.


Here's a "Where's Waldo" for you... can you find Surferman, Grom and Gogo?

There were so many people that I lost the guys a few times.
I was so worried that I wouldn't get a good picture.


It started raining hard right before they were supposed to go into the ocean.
The crowd didn't wait. They rushed on in.


Here's Gogo before.


And here they all are after.
Cold and proud.


Everyone gets a certificate.
Proof they've done it!

It was a fun way to welcome 2011.

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