Monday, January 03, 2011


One of the fun things about having a blog is the fun opportunities that present themselves. This week we got to make cookies. I received a prize pack through My Blog Spark. It contained a package of Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix, a set of Gladware disposable storage containers and a gift card for Safeway Stores (we have Vons around here).

One day last week it was time to break out the fun.


The mix was easy enough... add some butter and an egg... and...


stir it up. I love the look on Grom's face as he supervises his buddy's turn at stiring.
Next time I'd use my Kitchen Aid. It would've been a little quicker.
And the little boys had some trouble getting all the butter incorporated.


I used my cookie scoop to portion it out. To get the kiddos involved, we added some M&M's. The Girlies did a great job of pushing the candies into the cookies.
A few M&M's got pushed into their mouths.


My sister has been decorating cookies with the girls.
Their cookies were cooked and they could eat them straight away.

It was a little hard to convince a 2 1/2 year old to wait 12 minutes
before they could enjoy their sweet treats.


It made a batch big enough to eat immediately,
give some away, and stash a few in the freezer for later.




These cookies Grom and Surferman took to our neighbor Connie.
She crashed her bike and broke her femur (ouch!).
We were hoping these would cheer her up.

So here are my thoughts on the products...

You don't see the Glad containers. They are in the freezer or fridge. They were put to use immediately. They sent the large size. It's a great size for leftovers and putting meals away in the freezer. They are inexpensive so I don't get upset when they get stuck in the freezer for a while.

The cookie mix was good. The mix sped up the cookie making process, which is important when your sous chefs are 2 1/2 and 6 year olds. We baked some sweet memories.

disclosure: I was given a prize pack by Safeway, Betty Crocker and Gladware through MyBlogSpark. My opinions however are my own and are independent of the BlogSpark.

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