Monday, August 31, 2009

Daybook August 31, 2009

FOR TODAY... Monday August 31, 2009

Outside My Window... dark. I need to get to bed, but thought I could bust this out quick.

I am thinking... about making earrings. I had fun learning how to wire wrap. I'd better start wearing these earrings I'm making.

I am thankful for... a great One-to-One session at the Apple Store. I feel like I got so much accomplished and learned a lot.

From the kitchen... soaked steel cut oats for breakfast. I made a huge pot this morning but it was thin like gruel. Who wants to eat gruel? Thankfully it thickened up and we can enjoy it tomorrow.

From the schoolroom... Kindergarten seems to be going well. He brought home a book that he made and "read" it to us. We are finishing The Glorious Flight and will be starting Grandfather's Journey soon.

I am wearing... blue pants, striped tee and my favorite suede mocs that need to be replaced because they are falling apart.

I am creating... movies. I just learned iMovie and am having fun filming whatever I can.

I am going... to finally throw away those tuberose from a couple of weeks ago. They are pretty ugly by now and not so smelly.

I am reading... a new Karen Kingsbury book that I can't remember the title of yet. I barely started it last night. I read right before bed and actually fell asleep reading this big book (it's actually 2 books in one). I dropped it on my face.... y'ouch. I'm also reading The Writing Diet: Write Yourself the Right Size.

I am hoping... I don't wake up at 4am again tonight. I have the past few mornings and then I lie in bed believing I'm not sleeping, but probably am. I think it's making me have weird dreams - like a grocery store that only accepts paper cash (no coins). I kept trying to explain that it didn't seem right that they were rounding up to the next dollar amount. They never rounded down and acted like I was crazy.

I am hearing... TV from the other room.

Around the house... paint chips on our bedroom wall. We are talking about painting this weekend. I'm not thinking it's going to happen (at least right now). Regardless, it's fun looking at all the pretty colors.

One of my favorite things... playing dog with Grom. When he's Maui he loves to be scratched behind his ears and play fetch. For some reason Maui the Dog talks in a really high pitched voice. It makes me giggle inside.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Back to School Night, Surferman's Birthday!, All Church Picnic and a birthday party

Here is picture I am sharing...
How you can be praying for me and mine... consistency and follow through. Boldness.

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