Monday, August 10, 2009

Daybook August 10, 2009

FOR TODAY... Monday August 10, 2009

Outside My Window... dark. We've been having our normal inconsistent summer weather - fog, cold, hot, beautiful. Not much wind though.

I am thinking... my feet hurt and I should take off my sneakers.

I am thankful for... turkey sandwiches on baguettes without tomato from the French Bakery on the front steps at church with a great friend in midday sunshine that felt more like sunset. It was a great lunch break.

From the kitchen... We been enjoying Soaked Oatmeal from the Nourishing Traditions Cookbook. It has a nice tang to it and doesn't need salt. I've been adding a spoon of brown sugar, some cranberries and nuts. It's very filing and holds me until lunch. yum!

From the schoolroom... Grom earned a week to study whatever he wanted. He chose volcanoes. I found a couple of story books, some science books and few movies. It looks like a fun week. I think we'll save the exploding model of a volcano for when he's a little older. Instead we might make a volcano sundae.

I am wearing... hoo haw! something different today... grey trackpants, white tee, trainers. I had on a track jacket earlier, but I got warm. Tomorrow I'm wearing black capri pants, natch.

I am creating... nothing. I'm hoping to learn how to wire wrap beads soon. I'd like to make some earrings and other pretties.

I am going... to make an appointment to get my hair cut and colored this week. It really needs it. I can't tell you when I had it cut last and it's getting a little more grey than I'd like to admit to on top.

I am reading... Wrapped in Rain by Charles Martin... still.

I am hoping... to sleep through the night. Last night I woke up at 2:30 and toss and turned for "hours" before really getting back to sleep. Everytime something popped into my head, I prayed and gave it to the Lord. I had a lot on my mind I guess.

I am hearing... a huge Surferman yawn from the other room.

Around the house... We got a Wii... well my mom did. She'd be happy to tell you that her Wii age is 6 years younger than her actual age. Grom is quite enamored even though he's not quite coordinated enough for Wii Sports. I don't like game systems. I'll let you know if this changes my mind.

One of my favorite things... Free music suited to my taste (which is weird). If you haven't checked it out - go there as soon as you finish here.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: I hope to get a One-to-One lesson at the Apple store. I'm having some pesky problems. Eating lots of veggies, drinking lots of water and going for a few walks. Surferman and I need to finish our Family Mission Statement.

Here is picture I am sharing... I'm sure there is something great on my iPhone, but it's in the other room. I'll post something tomorrow.

In the meantime, here's a great local sunset...
photo by mikebaird

Did you know that Morro Rock is an extinct volcano? It's a volcanic neck... all that's left. It's the first in the series of volcanoes that formed the Seven Sisters. Mommy learns too.

How you can be praying for me and mine... Surferman has a new job. I have some health issues to deal with that I'd just as soon be healed of. And Grom has been emotional and bossy lately - almost like a teenage girl. Please pray for my family.

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  1. ya for nourishing traditions! you're more of a hippy than i realized, miss robin, which makes me extremely happy :)

    praying for your sleep and health

  2. My prayers are with you, my sister = )

  3. Thinking of you and all the family. Up early as we leave tomorrow for SF - Danny having back surgery - your photo is beautiful. Will call when surgery done next Tuesday. Happy for job and concerned about you... be well is our thought for the day.
    hugs to you and all. KB