Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I Am An Artist

We are jumping back in the boat.  It's time to row a new book.

I found a couple of great books to read along with our book.
An Artist by M.B. Goffstein
No One Saw: ordinary things through the eyes of an artist by Bob Raczka
Activities planned:
  • Nature walk - picking up treasures
  • Found Objects Collage -from Nature Walk
  • Talk about 5 Senses and how we use them to enjoy art and nature
  • Watch a Sunset together and talk about the art God paints for us
  • Texture rubbings - leaves, rocks, bark, whatever we can find - see what kind of textures it reveals when covered with paper and rubbed with a crayon.
  • Art Hunt - looking for beautiful things in nature

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  1. Yay!! Robin!! I did't know you had a blog-I saw your comment on Gabe and Cheri's.
    It's so fun to be able to see what's going on in everyone's lives:)