Tuesday, April 26, 2011

He's a good egg

Grom's school had it's annual Egg Drop event.

50 kids with incredible contraptions
designed to protect an egg from a two story drop.

Grom came up with his own design which was revised and refined as it was tested in our kitchen with him stand on our counter to launch.

Finally... a small snap lock container,
some bubble wrap and 6 balloons from the dollar store.

Our firemen came with their engine. They climbed up to the roof and then (kids don't try this at home) stood on top of a plastic box to get even higher.

Experiment after experiment confirmed the law of gravity.
Some landed with sad sounds that you just knew signaled bad news.
We couldn't know for sure until all the eggs flew.

Grom's egg survived.

And he already has a new plan for next year.

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