Sunday, November 01, 2009

My new hobby - wire wrap beading

I've been having a lot of fun making earrings. I had bought a few pairs from a wonderful Etsy Shop. I was inspired and thought... hey if I could just learn how to wire wrap, I could make my own earrings.

I found out that a wonderful lady at church was doing some wire wrapping. She's an artist and really has the heart of a teacher. She was gracious enough to show me how. There has been no stopping me. Here are some of my creations. Lots of them are up for grabs - say the word and they are yours.

Here's the first pair I made with Deborah. They are made with recycled variegated red glass beads. I'm pretty happy with my first effort, even though they hang a little crooked. Up for grabs.

These are delicate pink striated glass beads. Sorry these are mine.

These simple single bead earrings are a peachy crackled bead. Mine too.

Another simple pair... a rosy tan faceted bead. Up for grabs.

These are my favorites. They are bell shaped mostly clear beads. I think they are so cool. I'm hoping I can find more of these beads in the stash so I can make some more to giveaway.

These are clear striated beads. They are alot like the pink earrings above. Very pretty and up for grabs.

These are fun golden brown recycled beads. I think Erika wants these, if not they are up for grabs.

Last pair, clear flat round beads, they are quirkily imperfect (I might have made up the word quirkily). Up for grabs.

I have more ideas waiting to get twisted into beautiful baubles. Let me know if you like seeing the pictures.


  1. Nice job Robin! Looks good.

  2. These are really pretty! If you do any in black or brown let me know. That seems to be the only colors I wear. :P

  3. I want these, I want these!!!! Am i too late??? (i havent checked my blogs lately...can you tell??)

    ps: your son is always a bright part of my day. =)