Monday, May 12, 2008

How I didn't spend our stimulus check...

When Gigi passed away, we were left with an empty room. It's right off our dining room and the perfect place for a school room / play room.  I think Gigi would be happy.  

My plan was to take our stimulus check to Ikea and really stimulate the economy.  Wait! Ikea is a Swedish company.  And Surferman thankfully has more common sense then I do (at least sometimes) so it was decided that I'd scrounge to outfit and decorate the room.

Here are some pictures - not quite "before" shots.  I'll post "after" shots after I'm done.

We have cleared Gigi's things and furniture.
We've painted the walls.  Grom chose this great shade of blue.
I've been gathering furniture - from Gigi's house, yard sales, and I'm even looking at the curbside mall (those sometimes scary, but full of potential things sitting on a sidewalk with a "free" sign on it).

I think these cupboards are going to be for school supplies.
I see a big chair for reading in this corner.
The room gets great light from a sliding glass door.
I'd like a desk where this table is.  I'd have a straight view of it from the kitchen.
I'm waiting on carpet.  I bought some carpet squares from Flor to make an area rug.  They are on back order so I'm waiting patiently to put the room together.  I still need some sort of a desk or table - preferably kid sized with room for growth.

Any ideas for me?

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  1. I love that shade of blue, I used that same shade of blue in my son's room (almost!) and I think the desk will look perfect where you want it!