Tuesday, January 08, 2008

(Need Something to) Work for Me - Help with Potty Training Frustration

Just after Grom turned 3 last July, he decided he was ready to be potty trained.

He has been pretty good about using the potty.  

YET... he still has at least one accident a day.  Usually pee.  He has a fantastic ability to hold it and will sometimes pee just enough to make a wet spot on his pants.  You'd think this would send him running for a bathroom.  It doesn't.  He'll keep playing until I see the wet spot on his pants and make him go to the bathroom.

Lately he has also been doing #2 in his pants.  He thinks it's funny.  You might think I'm a terrible mom for this, but I started taking him out to the garage and cleaning him up in the deep sink with cold water.  I wanted him to realize that poop in your pants is not fun and that there were some consequences.  While he doesn't like the cold water, it doesn't seem to be a deterrent either.

HELP!  I'm open to any and all ideas.  When I asked Grom what he would do if his little boy kept having accidents, he said he'd give him a spanking.  Cold water maybe, but spanking?  Where did he get that idea?  As many times as I say, "I love doing laundry", it's not true and probably never will be.  


  1. Yikes! How horrible. I'm not sure what you can do, but I feel for you. Maybe time out or sending him to his room. I know they say that you're not supposed to punish them, but I think this is a little different. We did a sticker incentive for Bump when he had issues with pooping. I think he only half got it, but eventually he caught on. I just praised the heck out of him everytime he went in the toilet. He still says, "Are you so proud of me?" everytime he goes.

  2. Hi,
    I think he needs to lose something that he really enjoys every time he has an accident. What is he doing when he chooses not to go? Take that away for the rest of the day. Good luck!

  3. I am having some very similar problems and I called my grandmother (mother of 9) for help yesterday. She suggested taking a toy or priveledge away every time she has an accident. A no accident day would earn her a toy back. So that's what we're trying next.

  4. That stinks! Literally, LOL! I don't have any real ideas for you...just wanted to suggest that maybe you can reward him with a train trip to the zoo with his buddy Eli if he can have a lot of good days in a row. We will be going March 1st:)

  5. What worked for my son was letting him know that poopy accidents meant kissing that pair of Superhero undies buh-bye. I'd just cut them up the sides with scissors to avoid pulling the mess down over his legs and toss them. After losing a couple favorites--and Not getting replacements!--he saw that Mommy meant business and started using the potty faithfully.

  6. I wish I had thought of SAHMommy's idea when my daughter was refusing to poop in the potty!

    Here is what we did. Peeing in the potty was pretty easy for my daughter, but she would still poop in her pants. Everytime. She refused to poop in the potty.

    So we bought & showed her a new OLIVIA book that we knew she would love (she already had two from the series). Then we put it away. Every time she pooped in the potty she got to put 2 stickers on her chart. When the chart was full she got the book.

    Worked for her...........

  7. A postive reward system worked really well for our T-Rex. I know how frustrating that can be, I really hope that you find something that motivates him to go in the potty. Good luck...

    JOYfully in Him,