Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mommy is well trained.

Grom's house arrest has ended. We have ventured out of the house without an accident. WOO HOO!

He doesn't tell us if he needs to go, but does know if he needs to when asked. He's getting the whole concept more and more each day. Still no #2 in the potty, but that'll come.

We went to RiteAid this evening and got ice cream cones. It was Grom's first cone - a treat for our big boy. We're holding the next ice cream cone over his head as a reward for poop in the potty.

I'll resort to anything.

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  1. I hope he learns soon! My son just met this milestone in March, and it was a long journey, but boy is he so proud of his big boy undies. I found that they also make a great reward, and depending on what size Grom is, you can find them a bit cheaper out of the baby/toddler section, and over in the big boys, size 4 is what they start out at there, its about 1-2 dollars cheaper. :)