Saturday, February 25, 2012

instafriday - 02.24.2012

last week in iphone photos

monkey in a tree at his buddy's birthday party

it is just not right to discriminate against orange
regardless, these bright cheery colors made me smile

Martha Stewart just released a new line of office supplies at Staples.
i want one of each
(and then i'd have to organize my organizing supplies)

grom earned another stripe this week at karate

we did an eggsperiment
"what do drinks do to your teeth?"

thinking maybe i should cut back on the decaf

i was snotty all week and it had nothing to do with my attitude

field trip to the Abalone Farm
we saw the entire lifecycle

taking the abalone for a walk

it took me forever to figure out why no one was helping me...

Hope you week was great.


  1. great pictures! I'm a sucker for a colorful display too! {popping over from Life Rearranged.}

  2. we need to crush senseless orange discrimination.